Ethical & Upcycled Info

Rebecca Anne Jewellery is all about handmade, upcycled jewellery and accessories using ethically sourced recycled and sustainable materials, such as magazines, tagua nuts and vintage tins.  All at affordable prices.

All Rebecca Anne Jewellery is handmade.  Not mass produced and better for the environment.  Hand-crafted by an artisan so each accessory is individually made.

Most of Rebecca Anne Jewellery is made from every day items most of us would throw away. Many items are unique and use materials which would end up in land fill.


The Tagua Nut (Vegetable Ivory)

The tagua nut or vegetable ivory nut comes from a palm like tree called Phytelephas Macrocarpa Palmae or Phytelephas Equatorialis. The tree grows to a height of 20 to 40 feet tall in several tropical rainforest regions in South America.

The tagua nuts are the size of hen’s eggs and grow in large pods called a cabeza which take a number of years to grow and ripen. When the cabeza ripens, it falls to the ground. Before the nut matures it has a milky sweet liquid in the center with a jelly like consistency and can be eaten.

The tagua nuts are gathered and dried for a number of weeks after which they become very hard and have the look and texture of ivory, hence the name vegetable ivory.  The nut is then carved to make stunning and individual beads.

Vegetable ivory offers an alternative to the senseless killing and illegal poaching of elephant ivory.

As our tagua nut slices are handmade the sizes, colours and shapes may vary slightly from those shown in our shop.

You can find out more information about this amazing nut here.

Magazines and Newspapers

Some of Rebecca Anne Jewellery is made from locally sourced redundant paper and magazines.

Rebecca Anne Jewellery works with East African Playgrounds, who aim to change the lives of children across East Africa by developing school environments, sports and play facilities.  Part of their local investment is through self-supporting communities who handcraft the beads.  Rebecca Anne Jewellery enables the communities to receive a fair wage for their work, giving them the independence to pay for food staples as well as medical bills and education.

east_african_playgrounds seesaw-play

Vintage Tins

One of the ranges by Rebecca Anne Jewellery is made from reclaimed vintage and vintage style biscuit tins, sweet tins and tea caddies.  These are recycled to make unique upcycled pendants and earrings.

Some of the designs made from Rebecca are made from naturally occurring materials, like berries, seeds, woods, bone and horn all of which are recycled or have been sustainably harvested.

One great seed comes from the Açai Berry.

The Açai Berry

The Açai Berry (pronounced A-sigh-ee) is a small, purple fruit which grows towards the top of the açai palm trees in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil and is incredibly nutritious and rich in antioxidants. The berry is actually only 10% edible. The remaining 90% of seeds are not eaten. When the berry is consumed, only the pulp is eaten. The hard berry husk or seed that remains is then usually discarded.  However, the seeds are recycled, dried and dyed different colours to make fabulous seed beads.  How cool is that!

Cultured Freshwater Pearls

Are they are an Ethical Resource?

They are completely natural and therefore sustainable. Majority of pearl farms aim for a highly ethical approach in order to create higher quality pearls.  The environment for the oysters is very important, not overstocked to avoid disease and not densely packed together in order to grow.

Are they Eco-Friendly?

Oyster farms help the environment by naturally filter the water and remove nitrogen as well as heavy metals from the water they live in. They also need to be cleaned regularly so they are taken to shallow waters and this allows species of fish to clean the oysters by feeding on their parasites.



Rebecca Anne Jewellery Recycled Packaging

Rebecca Anne Jewellery Recycled Packaging

Rebecca Anne Jewellery only uses recycled or materials made from a sustainable source to package your beautiful purchase.  Below are wonderful companies Rebecca Anne Jewellery works with in order to ensure this continues to happen.

The Tiny Box Company

The Tiny Box Company believe that luxury and beauty need not be compromised when making ethical packaging choices. Based on this principle, they carefully hand picked their entire range and only offer recycled & eco-friendly packaging.

The recycling process uses considerably less energy than paper mills (up to 70% less energy) because the main energy consumption involves turning the wood into pulp.


Ecocraft’s policy is to offer ‘greener’ alternatives for craftsmen and craftswomen who are concerned about the environment. Due to their personal concern for the environment they try to offer like-minded people, products that are more ecologically sound than their standard counterparts.

Most of the papers they use are 100% recycled and the majority contain a large proportion of post-consumer waste (ie old brochures, print-outs, correspondence etc.).

The House of Hemp

Hand coloured hemp yarn is used to decorate the packaging.

Hemp is a variety of cannabis that is grown for the fiber and seeds.  Hemp is a very hearty plant and grows very quickly in very diverse soil conditions and was the desired fiber used to manufacture rope, canvas, paper, and clothing until alternative textiles and synthetics for these purposes were discovered.

In addition to providing useful fibers, hemp seed also has high nutritional value and the plant can be used to make biodegradable plastics, some fuels, and a variety of other things.

A Local Printer

All labels and flyers are printed the eco-friendly way.

At A Local Printer they take environmental responsibilities very seriously and so they took the decision to launch an environmentally-friendly printing website specifically to deliver affordable eco printed products.

Protecting the environment relies upon every individual becoming involved and every business demonstrating a commitment to CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.  Certified with ISO14001 and FSC Chain of Custody they prefer to take action rather than leave it to someone else.