Ethical Me

I absolutely love jewellery, how it can make an outfit come alive, add glamour or just make a simple but elegant suggestion.  I find the variety on the high street amazing but it never seems to last to the next year and I really liked the idea of having something that is unique, but I don’t want it to cost the earth.

Like many people, I’ve become more and more aware of how much we use and waste unnecessarily and the way this affects our environment.  I try my best to recycle all my rubbish and household goods.  With this in mind I started to find out about ethical jewellery and handmade, creative, and unique accessories made from everyday objects and the most sustainable materials.  I don’t want to preach the cause but want to help in a little way and make it a positive one.

Make A Statement was then born, and recently in 2015 re-branded to Rebecca Anne Jewellery.  Still ethical, still individual and (hopefully) even better!!

Rebecca Anne Jewellery is handmade, eco-friendly using sustainable materials.  Striving to apply the most environmentally friendly practices including the use of the least toxic chemicals, recycled materials, recycled packaging and searching for the most ethical alternative.

Rebecca Anne Jewellery Recycled Packaging

Rebecca Anne Jewellery Recycled Packaging

Where possible all chains and ear hooks will be nickel and lead free.

When you purchase a design from Rebecca Anne Jewellery you are not only enhancing your wardrobe with a beautiful and stylish accessory but you separate yourself from the crowd.  As each piece is handmade it has its own individuality and with a story to tell through the inspiration, the cut, the material and the techniques used.

By purchasing from Rebecca Anne Jewellery you can take pride in owning a piece of jewellery which looks fabulous and makes you feel great wearing and you can make a positive difference to the environment. How about that!

Rebecca Anne Jewellery

Rebecca Anne Jewellery

Rebecca Anne Jewellery endeavours to hand make, as closely as possible, the designs you choose.  However, as each piece is unique it may not be an exact match to the colour and design as shown on the images, but will always be pretty and one of a kind! We are confident that you will enjoy your unique piece of jewellery.

Wear your jewellery with Ethical Style!