My idol…

When I am not making handmade upcycled jewellery & accessories made from ethically sourced recycled materials my goal was to post regularly, at least twice a month, hmmm!!

Well things are going to change, I will reach my goal.  So here is the first post for June!


It has to be the lovely Ms Mary Portas, aka Mary Queen of Shops. I love her.  She is great.  I wish she was my friend!





Mary is currently promoting bringing back the passion and love to the high street shops and the community.  Market tables for a tenner! Fabulous! Rather than the outrageous prices I have to pay ranging from £30 – £120 per day!

I love her passion and that she doesn’t give a flying f**k what people think of her (and it doesn’t matter as most people love her). She is intelligent, know what she wants and she gets it. How I would love to have her as a business mentor. So Mary, if you happen to stumble upon my humble blog. Give us a poke!

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