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Where does the time go?

Had a lot of plans for today.  Get up early, do the weekly shop, sort out the to do list of chores, but at the top of the list – start making a necklace! I have managed to get the handmade upcycled jewellery & accessories made from ethically sourced recycled materials by Make A Statement to be part of a ethical fashion show in Crystal Palace on Saturday 3rd March!  Scary, but exciting as I want to make a statement piece using my new material, vegetable ivory (a blog about that to come along soon!).  So now I look at the clock on my laptop and it’s 6pm on a Saturday night and no necklace to be seen!  I do have a nice glass of New Zealand red wine by my side though – maybe that will help to soothe away the feelings of a pretty much unproductive day!!!  Hopefully Sunday will produce a stunning, one off, inspired creation! Watch this space… xx

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